The Due Return


by Meow Wolf

"… a colossal art installation … " - Weekly Alibi
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"… an otherworldly environment …" - The New Mexican
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"The Due Return's sheer immensity and ambition are staggering. It leaves the critic speechless…" - The Santa Fe Reporter
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"… an out-of-this world artistic experience unlike anything previously created. " - THE Magazine
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" The premiere art experience of 2011…" - The Santa Fe VIP .com
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For the past three years Meow Wolf has been delighting art-going and non-art-going audiences alike with their massive and expansive art experiences. Part installation, part performance, part literature, part interactive sculpture - The Due Return is designed to break boundaries and challenge our idea of conventional art experiences while delighting the senses.

Meow Wolf is an extremely inclusive group of artists. Over 100 arists are in collaboration including: painters, sculptors, video artists, dancers, musicians, writers, strategists, sound designers, actors, architects, administrators, acrobats, archivists, programmers, electrical engineers, and visionaries. The Due Return combines all of these mediums into a multi-media extravaganza full of color and life.

Traverse the PCA Due Return, an inter-dimensional time and space traveling ship and play with its onboard technologies. Explore the ecology of an unknown alien planet; a world full of intelligent light-based life-forms. Interact with these life-forms with the crew's life-form manipulation consoles, from the ships control room, or from the iPhone app. Witness the crew going about their lives and peek into the bizarre culture of travelers that inhabit the ship. Peruse a vast collection of documentation covering several generations of the crew via The Loci - a multimedia archive.