The Radio Confessional

landscape radio confess400x275

Outside the Gallery

Want to broadcast your hopes, thoughts and experiences to the public? 

The Radio Confessional is a perfect spiritual place to discover what it means to be a voice on the radio. The Radio Confessional is a tiny stand alone structure with live mics broadcasting to local FM frequencies. Built and created by Parker Jennings, this small sanctuary gives you a feeling of intimacy and personal expression to divulge into the world of public broadcasting. Open to the public, the Radio Confessional provides an opportunity for the viewer to interact with the medium of radio in a intimate and comfortable environment with no pressure and no rules. The Radio Confessional provides a platform for the viewer to co-create the context of the installation by providing the content. The viewer and the listeners decides the ultimate meaning of the piece. Tune into the sounds and words from CCA at 93.7 FM. Due to a legal low frequency, one must be within 50 feet of the Radio Confessional to pick up the waves. Happy listening!

Open Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm and by appointment through Parker Jennings.