Under Pressure


A Marqin Begaye art exhibition  | September 17 - November 21, 2010

Begaye attempts to capture some of the glaring inequities often found in the lives of Native Americans, primarily diabetes, alcoholism and poverty epidemics that have scourged many reservations. Begaye states, “In recent years, the heartbreaking reality of the effects of diabetes, alcoholism, and poverty have invaded my life in the way that smoke fills a room, subtly and then invading every sense. The impact that these diseases have on our Native community has catapulted me out of my sheltered cocoon to actively campaigning visually for public attention to the continued impact that these diseases are having on our whole community, leaving behind a path of destruction and death.”

Begaye’s work has been shown and collected in galleries and museums throughout the United States. Response to his works are occasionally excited, sometimes emotional, and often quiet encouragement. Begaye currently is a graduate professor at Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma.