Be It



July 27 – September 9, 2012
Muñoz Waxman Gallery
a site specific installation by Matt Barton

Bathe in this light.  Move through it.  Wander in it, become it.  Light is the basis of sight and of nature; it is the very essence of life. As humans we respond to light in conscious and subliminal ways, with a wide range of emotions yet much of light's spectrum is not perceivable to the human eye.

Inside the spectral environment of Be It, we are invited to consider alternate worlds, parallel realities, and especially the fullness of our own experiences.Be It is an immersive exploration of light’s scientific and phenomenological qualities. Using natural and artificial sources, reflective surfaces, and spectral arrays, artist Matt Barton moves and layers light to create a fantastical experience of everyday magic.  Be It is a new site-specific commission that will engage audiences in a multi-sensory, highly saturating encounter with luminosity, color and perception.



Be it, Hear it:

CCA, Team Everything and Matt Barton present Be It, Hear It a series of sonic
events produced by New Mexico and Colorado artists and musicians within a newly
commissioned and visually dynamic exhibition.

Friday, July 27: 7-9pm
Opening night
DJ Feathericci (Santa Fe), FREE

Sunday, August 5: 1-3pm
Gong Journey
Jim Lanpheer (Denver), $10
Bring pillows, mats or whatever you may want to sit on

Saturday, August 11: 6-9pm
Be It Bootie Bounce Dance Pary
An eclectic evening of electronic dance music.
DJ Dirtgirl (Santa Fe), DJ Zenova (Albuquerque), DJ Bacon (Santa Fe), $5-$10 sliding scale

Friday, August 17: 6-9pm
The Santa Fe premier of "Stable"
Movement and live music piece choreographed, written and performed by Laura Stokes
(Santa Fe) and Laura Goldhamer (Denver), with an opening DJ set from Ductape
(Boulder); $10

Saturday, August 25: 6-9pm
The Ambient Showcase
Ten And Tracer (Denver,) Radere (Denver,) Watson (Santa Fe); $10
Bring pillows, mats or blankets; sit down, lie down, get comfy...

Saturday, September 1: 6-9pm
Original Electronic Pop
David Last (Denver) and Brian Mayhall (Santa Fe), $10

Friday, September 7: 6-9pm
Final blow-out
D Numbers (Santa Fe) and special guest TBA, $10

* All events will be for all ages and will be held at CCA's Munoz Waxman Gallery
** Beer and wine available at most events