spector ripps project space // Jul 1 – Sep 11

About Everything Anywhere
Everything Anywhere is a sculptural installation that invites engagement, performance, and personal narrative. Cannupa Hanska Luger, a New Mexico-based artist creates a semi-figurative ceramic head (approx 6’ tall) that is resting in the spector ripps project space. The ceramic mass of the head consists of smaller bead-like forms strung together on steel supports. The ‘bead’ objects range gallery with woven fiber ‘hair’ reverberating outwards from the figure and climbing the gallery walls, creating a shelter in which the public is summoned to enter. Low-range cooing and sounds of comfort exit the sculpture serving as a beacon of safety. An alternate viewing area in the gallery doubles as a stage with a microphone that hosts a variety of literary events and performances. Viewers who engage with the microphone hear their words resound from the sculpture.

Everything Anywhere is a metaphor of the universe that draws upon the intercultural manifestation of nature through matriarchal forms. The installation embodies the fluid nature of a collective human experience; how humanity and individuality react to an overarching social structure and dependence to a human connection and the land for survival. The threads of hair serve as connections from all entities on the planet to the ‘Mother’.

Listen to an interview with Cannupa Hanska Luger on KUNM with Spencer Beckwith.