A Mokha Laget Art Exhibition  | December 3 - February 13, 2011

in the Spector Ripps Project Space 

A new body of "architectonic paintings" by French-American artist Mokha Laget, Crux features the artist's "Bildung" series, (16th century German concept of unfolding potentialities via spiritual and philosophical approaches designed to liberate the programmed mind.) The work explores archetypal symbols, such as the cross, and the conditioned responses they elicit. 

As former assistant to Washington Color School artist Gene Davis, Laget laces her acrylic, pigment and ink paintings with a keen sense of tonal juxtapostions. Painted on narrow planks of canvas mounted on oak, the paintings interweave hard edge stripes with more lyrical abstraction. 
Ms Laget has also been involved in theatre, as a designer, actor and director. She has worked as an independent curator, is a published writer, translator and poet. 

Ms Laget was featured in the Santa Fean Magazine's Top Talent - - June/July 2008 : "She's been showing in Europe, keeping her art from the eyes of New Mexicans, which is a shame because her bridging of the long-standing categories of modern art is intellectually engaging and visually exciting." Tim Rodgers, chief curator, New Mexico Museum of Art.