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Dust in the Machine
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dust-slideShirley Wegner, Explosion with Tractor Traces, 2006, Chromogenic print, 30"x40"

CCA Muñoz Waxman Main Gallery
September 21 - November 25, 2012
Opening Reception Friday, Sept 21 6:30-8pm
Open Hours : Friday - Sunday, 12pm-5pm

The twentieth century spawned the industrialization of the American West. With its suburban developments, water diversion projects, oil and natural gas rigs, power plants, atomic laboratories, military testing grounds, and sophisticated roadways, the western states have become a landscape of mechanization. This machine is at once necessary and destructive, sophisticated and aging, natural and artificial; it is the life blood and the nemesis, the crux of modern civilization. As contemporary society grows increasingly dependent on mechanized environments, their collapse is also eminent. Dust in the Machine is a group exhibition that provides a spectrum of interpretations of the industrialized West, as well as its promises and failures.

Featuring: Chris Ballantyne (New York), Lisa K. Blatt (San Francisco), Adriane Colburn (San Francisco), Bethany Delahunt (Albuquerque), Jamey Stillings (Santa Fe), Lucy Raven (Oakland), Jesse Vogler (Albuquerque), and Shirley Wegner (New York).

CCA presents Dust in the Machine in conjunction with the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISEA2012 is a symposium and series of events occurring throughout New Mexico, exploring the intersections of art, technology and nature.


CURATOR'S TOUR : Wednesday, November 7, 7pm
Want to hear about the art and artists firsthand? Join CCA Curator Erin Elder for an intimate tour of the exhibitions, its themes, back stories, aspirations and underpinnings.

In conjunction with CCA Santa Fe's group exhibition, Dust in the Machine, artist and surveyor Jesse Vogler presents three events that investigate the material, economic, and psychological spaces of the American landscape.

New Directions... with Jamey Stillings NOVEMBER 11
Join Dust in the Machine artist Jamey Stillings for a talk about his recent and forthcoming work.

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