in the press:

CCA Muñoz Waxman Galleries
January 24 - March 30, 2014

Santa Fe based emerging artists Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson make up the collective SCUBA. In honor of winter and of the fleeting arctic, but also as an opportunity to create a series of fun adventures and cool spaces, SCUBA presents ICEPOP, a newly commissioned, multi-pronged project that examines ice, exploration, and mobility. Working with ice as both material and muse, in both its natural and man-made forms, ICEPOP is a celebration of arctic exploration, crystalline forms, white, melting, translucence. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a modified, solar-powered box truck called Ice Shelf that is equipped with retail, research and living space and inspired by notions of mobility, simplicity, and access. ICEPOP is augmented by a retail store featuring multiples made by emerging artists as well as field trips to cold places, a film series, an outdoor project, and a panel discussion about the trends of arctic exploration in recent art.