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Good Kill

GoodKill 300

Friday-Sunday May 22-24
Monday-Thursday May 25-28

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“A smart, quietly pulsating contemporary war drama … forward-thinking and exhilaratingly of the moment … notable for its tact and intelligence.” ­–Variety

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Slow West

Slow West 300

Friday-Sunday May 22-24
Monday May 25
Tuesday-Thursday May 26-28

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“Impeccably crafted … has a distinctly Coen-esque flavor in its mix of sly intelligence, bleak humor and unsettling violence … a wry American counterhistory.” –Variety

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Seymour: An Introduction

Seymour 300

Friday-Sunday May 22-24
Monday-Tuesday May 25-26

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“It will be eternal … embodies a profound worldview, a breathtakingly clear-headed perspective on art, personal commitment to it and its overarching value, and that inspires an example of, as Montaigne would put it, "how to live" … I could have watched it all day.” –Hollywood Reporter

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SFJFF: Stars in the Dark: Emigres, Exiles & Film Noir

StarsinDark 550

The Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival presents
STARS IN THE DARKS: Emigres, Exiles & Film Noir

Film noir may have the look and feel of an American film genre, but many of its directors were émigrés from Europe in the 1920s or refugees fleeing Hitler in the 1930s. Not surprisingly, many were also Jewish. Often speaking little English, they brought experiences as strangers in a strange land and an aesthetic that informed their work. “Stars in the Dark: Émigrés, Exiles and Film Noir” is a week long tribute to these filmmakers and artists, looking at the lives they left behind, the ones they created, and the films they made. Presented by the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival, the tribute runs from May 24 – 31.

11:30a Tuesday, May 26 - CINEMA'S EXILES: From Hitler to Hollywood
7:00p Tuesday, May 26 - Fritz Lang's M introduced by Kirk Ellis

2:00p Weds, May 27 - Salon Talk: German Expresioism and Film Noir with Diane Armitage
7:00p Weds, May 27 - Billy Wilder's DOUBLE INDEMNITY

2:00p Thurs, May 28 - Salon Talk: Music of the Dark - Jewish Refugee Composers in America with Steve Ovitsky
7:00p Thurs, May 28 - Fritz Lange's WOMAN IN THE WINDOW 

11:30a Friday, May 29 - CINEMA'S EXILES: From Hitler to Hollywood (encore)
2:00p Friday, May 29 - Salon Talk: Weimar on the Pacific: Paradise Found, Paradise Lost

5:00p Sunday, May 31 - Double Feature introduced by Kirk Ellis! Billy Wilder's ACE IN THE HOLE at 5pm, and
7:30p Sunday, May 31 - Robert Siodmak's THE KILLERS

Tickets and passes on sale now at! Tickets will sell quickly! For more information about films and talks, go to

SFJFF: Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood

Cinemas exiles 300

Tuesday May 26
Friday May 29

Tickets for Cinema's Exiles are free with your paid admission to any other "Stars in the Dark" film screened at CCA. To obtain your free ticket(s), please send an e-mail to the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 505.216.0672.

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