Radical Southwest Easy Rider


Presented by Lois Rudnick

Stunning … drives its remarkable power and conviction from the reality of the faces and the face of the American Southwest and South … If there is an American New Wave, film historians will cite the film as early evidence.” –LA Times

After two hippies on Harleys find themselves with some cash, and on the run, they head on a cross-country tour, stopping in New Mexico, where they find a commune with residents who are both open-minded and perhaps spiraling out of control, and into small-town America, where they are confronted with bigotry and hatred. A snapshot of a culture gone awry, and a winner at the Cannes Film Festival, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper’s film remains a defining work of the 1960s. With Karen Black, Jack Nicholson. (U.S., 1967, 96m)

7p Wednesday, December 13