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CCA Artist Supper Club

This new and exciting venture to support CCA for its 35th anniversary was launched by a group of Santa Fe artists. These accomplished artists are serving as hosts and chefs for very special suppers during the months of May - September 2014. Each artist has designed a memorable multi-course dining experience for their guests as well as a personal home and studio tour. See below to learn more about these wonderful artists and their supper plans.

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redlineTinghirJerusalem web

North African Sephardic Festival:

Tinghir-Jerusalem: Echoes of the Mellah

New Mexico Premiere! With special guest Dr. Ron Duncan Hart!
“A Riveting documentary" –Africultures " Winner, Best Film/Documentary" Lumières d’Afrique – France
Tinghir-Jerusalem is filmmaker and historian Kamal Hachkar’s search for a community that has since vanished, the Berber Jews of Morocco.  Hachkar is a Berber Muslim born in Tinghir, Morocco and raised in France. While he would return to Tinghir every summer with his family, it would be years before he discovered that the town once had a thriving Jewish community. By the mid-1960s though, they, along with the other 250,000 Jews of Morocco, had left for Israel.

Hachkar sets off in search of that history. What he discovers in conversations over old family photos and while listening to the stories of the Jews who left Tinghir – and the Muslims who remain – is a history of close co-operation between communities. The North African Sephardic Festival is presented by the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival. Tickets are available at www.SantaFeJFF.org

7:00p Tuesday, July 29 - SOLD OUT
ENCORE SHOW ADDED Tuesday Aug 5 at 5:00p!

redlineelgusto web

North African Sephardic Festival:

El Gusto

New Mexico Premiere!
Vibrant!” –The Hollywood Reporter • “Toe-tapping and infectious!” –Variety • “Uplifting and entertaining” –Screen Daily
El Gusto is the story of a group of musicians, Muslim and Jewish, torn apart by history and brought together by music. The story was uncovered when director/ producer Safinez Bousbia was wandering the narrow streets of the Casbah of Algiers. Drawn to a hanging mirror for sale, she walked into the shop. Instead of selling her the mirror, the craftsman told her the story of his lost friends, Jewish and Muslim musicians who had performed side-by-side a popular style of music: Chaabi.

Bousbia set off to find all of the surviving members. Almost half-a-century later, the original masters of Chaabi music reunited and began an historic journey from Algiers and Paris to Marseille to perform on stage as the El Gusto orchestra. The film, which has been called an Algerian Buena Vista Social Club, brings this moving story to the screen. The North African Sephardic Festival is presented by the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival. Tickets are available at www.SantaFeJFF.org

7:00p Tuesday, July 29 - SOLD OUT
ENCORE SHOW ADDED Tuesday Aug 5 at 7:00p!

redlineAndreiRublev web

St. John's College Film Institute presents The Auteurs:

Andrei Tarkovsky: ANDREI RUBLEV

Presented by St. John's College
Great movies are works of visual poetry. As with other forms of poetry, our understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of movies can be deepened and enhanced by learning how to see (and read) them better. The St. John’s College Film Institute is dedicated to cultivating the skills necessary to become better readers of great movies, and provides these public screenings—each in the best screening format available—to celebrate the work of eight of cinema’s essential artists.

“The best arthouse film of all time … as close to transcendence as cinema gets.” The Guardian
Commissioned to paint the interior of the Vladimir cathedral, a great artist travels across Russia, witnessing cruelty, brutality and narrow-mindedness, and arrives at his destination in a crisis of faith. He retreats into silence, emerging only after the appearance of a spirited young artist. Tarkovsky’s controversial epic, banned and then mercilessly edited by Russian authorities, exists in its own cinematic plane, providing a startlingly visual, otherworldly vision of the challenges faced by a creative spirit. (Russia, 1966, 183m, digital)

10:30am - New Showtime of 11:00am Saturday-Sunday August 2-3; 5:30p Monday, August 4

redlineTheGift GaryFarmer

FUZE.SW Food & Folklore Festival present:

The Gift with Gary Farmer

Santa Fe’s celebration of New Mexico’s culinary culture features this journey in exploration of the deep relationship between humans and corn. Though best known as an actor (the star of POWWOW HIGHWAY and, with Johnny Depp, DEAD MAN), director Gary Farmer also has been an activist for indigenous communities, with a focus on media empowerment and cultural issues (Canada, 1999, 59m). Preceded by Alex Rivera’s hilarious and troubling experimental documentary PAPAPAPA, an adventure featuring potatoes, and couch potatoes, traveling from South America to the U.S. Director Alex Rivera joins by Skype (U.S.-Peru, 1997, 26m).
2:30p Sunday, August 3

redlineKillTeam web

Veterans for Peace present:

Kill Team

Adam Winfield, a 21-year-old infantryman in Afghanistan, attempted with the help of his father to alert the military to heinous war crimes his platoon was committing. When his father's pleas for help went unheeded, Adam was left to face his scornful platoon members, who threatened to silence him, permanently. Forced to choose between his conscience and his own survival, Adam finds himself drawn into a moral abyss. Winner of multiple festival awards, Dan Krauss’s phenomenal story of war and conscience offers a deep look at the machinery and psychology of the modern military. (U.S., 2013, 90m, DCP, Oscilloscope) 
2:00p August 23 - Skype introduction by director Dan Krauss, followed by panel discussion; Additional screenings August 3-7