On Account of Speculation and Settlement

In conjunction with CCA Santa Fe's group exhibition, Dust in the Machine, artist and surveyor Jesse Vogler presents three events that investigate the material, economic, and psychological spaces of the American landscape. Through performance, panel discussion and choreographed work, Vogler involves the trades, people, and processes in an illumination of the often hidden practices that shape the world we live in. This series of public events is made possible through a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and is co-sponsored by PLAND: Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation.


Saturday, October 20, 8am

In a day-long performance of work, process, divination, and duration, Vogler choreographs a loose community of tradespeople and artisans. Over 10 hours, Vogler and his team engage the rites of construction, the result of which is a built essay investigating foundational myths and ritual acts that adhere in the built environment.  Audiences will see the layers of construction unfold, involving such materials as concrete, tar, wood, and more. 



Borrowing from the language of case law, political assertions, and bureaucratic forms, Vogler will elaborate the gap between administrative ways of knowing and affective ways of being in the world. Taking the shape of a formal enumeration, this performance offers a hesitant reading of perfectibility, expenditure, mensuration, and reproducibility.


Saturday, November 17, 4pm

How can we shape a conversation around the built environment as both symptom and source? Structured around an experimental presentation format linking image, text, and citation, Vogler brings together a panel of researchers, scientists, artists, and administrators to interrogate the complex set of moves between making-up and making-real.


PLAND: Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation is a multi-disciplinary organization that supports the development of experimental and research-based projects through a variety of on and off-site programs. Headquartered off-the-grid in Tres Piedras, New Mexico, PLAND is a hands-on, exploratory approach to Do-It-Yourself, alternative living. 

Jesse Vogler is an Albuquerque-based artist and architect. His recent projects include a series of exhibits about the administrative landscape with The Center for Land Use Interpretation, a performative land survey with Mildred's Lane, and an installation about the maintenance of boundaries while in residence at PLAND. His work has been shown at the Venice Biennale, The CLUI, Expresion en Corto, and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art and his writing and work has appeared in [bracket], Thresholds, and Renovating Walden, among others. In addition to his practice, Vogler is the co-founder of The Institute of Marking and Measuring and has taught at numerous universities including the Illinois Institute of Technology, Texas Tech University, and U.C. Berkeley.