New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts Presents:
The Second Annual Legal and Business Issues In Film Summit

In collaboration with Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and Zane Bennett Contemporary Art.

October 17-20


Understanding Film Budgeting, Film Accounting and the NM Film Tax Credit System

3:00-4:30pm FREE

Major topics in this discussion include: indie film production payroll, workflow, forms, SAG, DGA and IATSE contracts and New Mexico’s film tax credit system. Panelists include Ray Sena (Ultra Plus Consulting), Jon Hendry (IATSE) and Tobi Ives ( New Mexico Film Office).

The Business of Film Production

4:45-6:00pm $10

In this lecture, you will learn about production company formation, methods for acquiring scripts; and issues in pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. Robert Galarza has worked with equity financiers, sales agents, talent agents, managers, directors, producers and actors and served in an advisory capacity on over 20 motion pictures.

Fair Use without Fear: How Filmmakers and Copyright Can Get Along

2:00-3:30pm FREE

In this Skype workshop, learn about the dramatic shift in fair use (the right to employ copyrighted material without permission or payment) in documentary filmmaking since 2005. Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi of the Center for Social Media are authors of “Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright.”

The Business of Television

3:45-4:45pm FREE

As traditional TV is transformed by radical change on all fronts, programmers and filmmakers face huge challenges and great opportunities. Come join us to discuss the challenges as well as advantages with experts in the field including Franz Joaquim from NM PBS, James Rubin, Esq. and Michael Hare (television producer).

Conscious Social Media for Filmmakers Panel

5:00-6:00pm FREE

From Crowdfunding to Twitter to Facebook, social media has created new opportunities for movie consumption and is a must-do for Indie filmmakers. Our panel discusses how to conduct social media with mindfulness and message. Panelists Include Arjuna Somaru (Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Visionquest Management), Chris Schueler (winner of 19 Emmy® Awards for projects broadcast throughout the country); Ashley Fontaine (digital media producer).

Is it OK? Using Works Without Permission: Fair Use, Public Domain, Orphan Works and Creative Commons

2:00-3:15pm $10

Understand the pitfalls and nuances of using works, clips, images and other materials that are outside of the realm of copyright permissions in this lecture by Richard Mertz, Esq. (University of New Mexico)

Censorship in Film: The Right of Publicity, Defamation, Privacy rights and the First Amendment by Jeffrey Albright, Esq.

3:30-4:45pm $10

Explore issues affecting the ability of a filmmaker to film as they wish, rights of privacy, issues in defamation and the right of publicity. The Right of Publicity, an evolving legal doctrine, varies significantly from state to state and country to country. Give your feedback on developing a right of publicity statute in New Mexico. Jeffrey Albright, Esq. is a partner at Lewis and Roca LLP.

From Idea to Screen:
Q. and A. with Author Alisa Valdes Rodriguez and the Journey of her Bestselling Novel, “Dirty Girls Social Club” from Book to Reel

5:00-6:00pm FREE

Alisa, named one of the 25 Most Influential Hispanics by Time, Latina Magazine Woman of the Year and a Pulitzer-nominated feature writer for Boston Globe, talks about her book’s long trip towards the screen.

PANEL: Emerging Cinemas: The Future of Film Exhibition and Distribution
Brought to you by FILM 4 CHANGE

1:00pm FREE

How is exhibition and distribution changing and how can filmmakers ride this change with grace and success? Come join us for this important conversation with panelists David Baker from SFUAD, Peter Grendle (General Manager of The Screen), Peter M. Kershaw (Owner-Manager of Duchy Parade) and moderator Rich Henrich (Director of Film 4 Change and the Albuquerque Film Festival).

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