CCA Volunteers

CCA gratefully acknowledges the countless hours and incredible support we've received from our volunteers over the years. We have been blessed to work with many wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions.  


Some of our current volunteers:

Carmela Baruth
Jonathan Carabajal
Judy Casper
Kathi Collins
Miller Collins
Mike Finnance
Teddy Greene
Joyce Hansen
Michelle Hoffman
Tim Host
Linda Hoyesen
Katherine Kubarski
Jerry Lieberman
Andie Markowicz
Jeff Markowicz
Nancy Mercado
Chris Monroe
Dianna Moon
Karen Ralston
Spencer Ralston
Sudha Rani Kailas
Amy Schiffer
Rae Sikora
Ann Silver
Louise Spencer
Jimmie Spulecki
Carol Toobin
Cynthia Turner
Joyce Vaughan
Ronnie Vaughan
Francine Wunk
Barbara Young
Patricia Zisman
Linda Gottermeier

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