Santa Fe Opera: Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain 550“A grand and poignant movie epic … and also a rare blend of purity and maturity — the year's most rapturous love story.” –Time

Part of the Santa Fe Opera Film Series
ECHOES OF COLD MOUNTAIN: The Legacy of the American Civil War

Anthony Mingella adapts Charles Frazier timeless Civil War novel (which will also be adapted into a new production at the Santa Fe Opera), following as the men of Cold Mountain, North Carolina, rush to join the Confederate army. Ada (Nicole Kidman) has vowed to wait for Inman (Jude Law), but as the war drags on and letters go unanswered, she must find the will to survive while desperately struggling to hold onto her family's farm. Inman's long journey home takes him through the crumbling confederacy, as he meets people of all walks of life who both aid and hinder his mission. With Renee Zelwegger, who won an Oscar for her role, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Donald Sutherland. (U.S., 2003, 154m, 35mm)

One-time Event:12:30p Sunday, March 22, followed by a discussion led by Jon Hunner!