SWINGING IN THE SHADOWS: 'Venice West and the LA Scene' and 'San Francisco's Wild History Groove'

SITS 550v4“A fine documentary—how it felt when Bohemia was still alive” —Peter Selz, Curator, Author, Professor of Art Emeritus, UC Berkeley

“—a refreshing and accurate picture of collaboration and shared identity between north (SF) and south (LA) self-fashioned outsiders” —Paul J. Karlstrom, Former West Coast Regional Director, Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art

This 2-part documentary series journeys into California during the 50s, when a wave of free-spirited creativity emerged. Young idealistic poets and artists formed a free-flowing underground apart from the conforming 50s mainstream. They rocked LA’s art and poetry scene. Meanwhile, up the Coast, they energized the vibrant SF Renaissance. Swinging in the Shadows is a rare glimpse into the lives of these individuals, their innovative work and aesthetics. (U.S., 2011, 117m)

One-time-Event: 7:00p Tuesday, March 24 only! With Director/Producer Mary Kerr in person for Q&A!