Seymour: An Introduction

Seymour 550“It will be eternal … embodies a profound worldview, a breathtakingly clear-headed perspective on art, personal commitment to it and its overarching value, and that inspires an example of, as Montaigne would put it, "how to live" … I could have watched it all day.” –Hollywood Reporter

Ethan Hawke’s loving biography of the reclusive New York concert pianist-turned-piano-teacher Seymour Bernstein reveals a quiet Buddha of a man who, living in the same one-room New York apartment for 57 years, set out to “inspire and encourage an emotional response” in his students, “not just for music, but for all aspects of life.” Hawke, though infrequently on screen, sees in Bernstein a quality that he hopes holds the key to his own artistic evolution. (U.S., 2014, 81m)

Starts April 3