Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival presents Above and Beyond

AboveAndBeyond 550

“Fascinating” –Hollywood Reporter “Absorbing” –Village Voice

In 1948, group of Jewish American pilots answered a call for help. In secret and at great personal risk, they smuggled planes out of the U.S., trained behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia and flew for Israel in its War of Independence.

ABOVE AND BEYOND brings together new interviews with the pilots, as well as stunning aerial footage, to present a fascinating tale filled with heart, heroism and high-flying chutzpah. Winner of multiple Audience Awards, it’s a true story of a Jewish “band of brothers” brought to the screen by producer Susan Spielberg and Director Roberta Grossman (Hava Nagila). Tickets for film and optional “A Taste Of Israel” dinner available at

One-time-event: 4:00p & 4:15p* Sunday, April 19, click here for tickets!