Santa Fe Opera: Red Badge of Courage

the red badge of courage 550“Says all that ever need be said about the terror of a man first entering battle, no matter which side he's on or in what war …  a major achievement that should command admiration for years and years.” –New York Times

Part of the Santa Fe Opera Film Series
ECHOES OF COLD MOUNTAIN: The Legacy of the American Civil War
Audie Murphy—the most decorated American GI of World War II—stars in this adaptation of Stephen Crane’s masterpiece of American literature/ The first time young Henry Fleming (Murphy) faces battle, while fighting for the Union during the Civil War, he turns and runs. Fleming is knocked unconscious, but when he returns to his unit, he lies, saying that he was shot. Yet, somehow, in this vicious internecine war with tens of thousands of soldiers dying in single battles, Henry finds a deep well of courage within himself when his unit is commanded to lead a suicidal charge that Fleming knows will be suicidal. John Huston’s film, though ruthlessly cut and then abandoned by M-G-M, remains one of the most sensitive portrayals of life during wartime. (U.S., 1951, 61m, Warner Brothers, DVD)

One-time Event:7:00p Tuesday, April 21, introduced by Civil War expert Ivan Barnett!