The Santa Fe Opera’s “Echoes of Cold Mountain: The Legacy of the American Civil War” series presents
Ken Burns' CIVIL WAR

12:30p Monday, May 11, Episodes 1&2 - "The Cause" and "A Very Bloody Affair" Introduced by Paul Barnes
12:30p Tuesday, May 12, Episodes 3&4 - "Forever Free" and ""Simply Murder"
12:30p Wednesday, May 13, Episodes 5&6 - "The Universe of Battle" and "Valley of the Shadow of Death"
12:30p Thursday, May 14, Episodes 7&8 - "Most Hollowed Ground" and "War is Hell"
12:30p Friday, May 15, Episode 9 - "The Better Angels of our Nature" followed by refreshments and conversation with Paul Barnes
10:00a-3:30p Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17 Marathon Screenings (Sat 1-4, Sun 5-9)

“Burns, the most accomplished documentary maker of his generation … translates the materials of history into television drama of an epic order … so rich in conception and so rewarding in execution that it almost redeems the promise of the medium.” –New York Times.

Ken Burns’ deeply influential documentary series—the most widely viewed documentary in history—forever changed the way we perceive the Civil War, the imagined impact of non-fiction filmmaker and the ways in which we can reimagine our shared history. In honor of its 25th anniversary, we celebrate a groundbreaking, brilliant and deeply moving re-investigation of the moment when America lost its innocence. (U.S., 1990, 690 minutes total)

May 11 through May 17, only at CCA!
Free and Open to the Public! First come first served