Science On Screen: Serenity with Cris Moore

serenity300 v2“A triumph … a thrillingly original science fiction creation … should put Whedon's face alongside those of James Cameron, Ridley Scott and Sam Raimi on the geek Mount Rushmore.” –San Francisco Chronicle

The amazing Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire, THE AVENGERS) expands his fan favorite Firefly into this big-screen classic. The story follows our unlikely heroes who, traveling on a beat-up old spaceship, try to escape the all-powerful Alliance to protect one of their friends, who they’ve hidden on board. Theoretical physicist Cris Moore will talk us through the scientific content of this cult classic space Western. (U.S., 2005, 119m, Universal Pictures, digital)

7:00p Wednesday, July 1! With a brief lecture by Cris Moore of the Santa Fe Institute!