A Tribute to Joshua Oppenheimer Event

the look of silence 550“Essential … an astonishing heart-of-darkness voyage into the jungle of human nature.” ­–Telegraph

Joshua Oppenheimer will screen his two interconnected feature documentaries, the Oscar-nominated ACT OF KILLING and the soon-to-be-released LOOK OF SILENCE, winner of more than 30 awards, during a weekend-long celebration and exploration of his groundbreaking work.  Oppenheimer’s films, each exploring the Indonesian genocide of 1965-6 from a different perspective, represent a landmark in the cinema of commitment.

The tribute includes the following elements:
THE ACT OF KILLING (director’s cut) - 1:30p Saturday July 11, followed by Joshua Oppenheimer in conversation with Paul Barnes, $12/no passes

LESSONS FROM INDONESIA: AN INTERVIEW WITH JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER AND DAVID BARSAMIAN - 4:00p Sunday, July 12, Muñoz Waxman Gallery, $50 includes entry to Look of Silence screening

THE LOOK OF SILENCE - 5:30p Sunday July 12, Director Joshua Oppenheimer in person and a special guest by Skype $12/no passes

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About THE ACT OF KILLING: Imagine if the Nazis had won. Exploring terrain few filmmakers would dare visit, Santa Fe native Joshua Oppenheimer invites boastful Indonesian thugs—whose political party still rules the country—to recreate their executions in lavish sequences. We come face to face with the psychology of murder, torture, rape and intimidation in ways previously unimaginable in the cinema or literature of genocide. To quote Werner Herzog: “You have not seen THE ACT OF KILLING until you see the director’s cut. ... It is a masterpiece of filmmaking, full of depth, surrealism, and stunning silences that will outlive the political message. Have patience. In half a century from now, this film will still stand out as something no one has ever seen before, and no one will ever see again.” (Denmark-Norway-U.K., 2013, 159m)

About LESSONS FROM INDONESIA interview: This event, a benefit for the Center for Contemporary Arts, will include appetizers and refreshments. Joshua Oppenheimer will discuss his films, their impact on Indonesian society and the larger truths about global power they reveal. David Barsamian, founder and director of Alternative Radio, will conduct the interview. Barsamian’s two-dozen books those with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Edward Said and Arundhati Roy. Barsamian is recipient of the Media Education Award, the ACLU's Upton Sinclair Award and the Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellowship.

About THE LOOK OF SILENCE: Joshua Oppenheimer’s extraordinary follow-up to the Oscar-nominated THE ACT OF KILLING profiles a young optometrist who goes on a solemn quest: to understand the murder of his brother during Indonesia’s genocidal civil war of 1965. The challenges are severe. The Indonesian power structure continues to glorify the killers, and the families’ victims continue to live side-by-side with the unrepentant perpetrators.  As the young doctor calmly interrogates his neighbors, implicated in the crimes, his hopes for reconciliation slowly dissolve. Still, he keeps asking questions, even as the risks grow. “One of the greatest and most powerful documentaries ever made,” Errol Morris wrote, “a profound comment on the human condition.” (Denmark-Indonesia-Norway-Finland-U.S., 2014, 99m)

Saturday & Sunday July 11 & 12 - Presented with support from the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival!