Auteurs 2015: Rear Window

RearWindow 550

CCA and St. John's Film Institute present THE AUTEURS Film Series
Alfred Hitchcock: Rear Window
As with all forms of art, our understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the great movies can be deepened and enhanced by learning how to see (and read) them better. The St. John’s College Film Institute is dedicated to cultivating the skills necessary to become better readers of great movies, and provides these public screenings—each in the best screening format available—to celebrate the work of eight of cinema’s essential artists.

"One of those rare films without imperfection or weakness … each scene by itself is a gamble that has been won … It is rare to find such a precise idea of the world in a film." –Francois Truffaut

A professional photographer (Jimmy Stewart), confined to a wheelchair in his Greenwich Village apartment after an accident, attended by a nurse (Thelma Ritter) and his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) spends his days spying on the apartments across the way. Is there a murderous neighbor across the way? A stunning work of formal inventiveness, mystery and, yes, romance. (U.S., 1954, 115m, digital, Universal Pictures)

11:00a Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19; 6:00p Monday, July 20