Best of Enemies

Best of enemies 550“The best doc at Sundance. It rivetingly retraces how one heated rivalry sparked an entire culture of punditry.” –Time Out New York

ABC News was dead last in the ratings as the 1968 Republican and Democratic national conventions approached. What to do to attract attention? Put the most visible right- and left-wing spokesmen on camera, together. The debates between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal became a media sensation, as two top intellectuals turned their words, and their sincere scorn, towards each other. As the conversation grew more vicious, the ratings soared. The latest film from Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville (20 FEET FROM STARDOM), with co-director Robert Gordon, BEST OF ENEMIES is a rousing, funny, dark tale of a crucial moment in history, and the beginning of a new era of public discourse. (U.S., 2015, 87m, digital, Magnolia Pictures)

Starts August 14