The Look of Silence

the look of silence 550“Essential … an astonishing heart-of-darkness voyage into the jungle of human nature.” ­–Telegraph

Joshua Oppenheimer’s extraordinary follow-up to the Oscar-nominated THE ACT OF KILLING profiles a young optometrist who embarks upon a journey to understand the murder of his brother, which happened during Indonesia’s genocidal civil war of 1965. It’s a solemn and dangerous quest, as the Indonesian power structure continues to glorify the killers, and the victims’ families’ continue to live side-by-side with unrepentant perpetrators. Can there ever be true reconciliation? “One of the greatest and most powerful documentaries ever made,” Errol Morris wrote, “a profound comment on the human condition.” (Denmark-Indonesia-Norway-Finland-U.S., 2014, 99m)

Starts August 21