Cymatics: Insights into the Formative Forces of Sound

Cymatics 550

Cymatics: Insights into the Formative Forces of Sound
A multimedia presentation by poet, producer and publisher Jeff Volk

Poet and video producer Jeff Volk has spent over 30 years popularizing Cymatics, an amazing scientific phenomenon that vividly demonstrates how various powders, pastes and liquids can be “brought to life” when stimulated by specific audible frequencies. You'll be amazed as these inert substances are magically transformed into lifelike, flowing forms, assuming complex geometric forms that mirror fundamental patterns found throughout nature, as well as in the sacred art of the world’s spiritual traditions. Jeff will also address the therapeutic applications of sound, which will be a central theme of the Tenth International Cymatics Conference, to be held in  Atlanta this November. There will also be time for discussion, and to peruse hard-to-find Cymatics books and DVDs.

7:00p Tuesday September 29 - $15, advance tickets  recommended, click HERE!!