Strangers Collective: Echo Chamber


Panel Discussion // Wednesday, January 4 // Muñoz Waxman Gallery // 6:30 - 8p // Free

Round Table // Wednesday, January 11 // Muñoz Waxman Gallery // 6:30 -8p // Free

Strangers Collective presents a special event series that is designed to send ripples through Santa Fe's creative landscape. The emerging arts group will convene leaders of a new vanguard to discuss the future of the City Different's contemporary scene. Echo Chamber is a two-night program that coincides with Strangers Collective's Long Echo exhibition in CCA's Cinematheque Lobby Gallery. The public is invited to engage in a social media dialogue, a panel discussion on January 4, and a round table conversation on January 11. Five innovators from the local visual arts, writing and performing arts communities will guide the conversation, challenging the audience to imagine the power and possibility of a tightly interlinked creative community. 

"Long Echo comes at a time when many of us are delving into past experiences," says Strangers co-director Alex Gill. "These conceptual and aesthetic elements are ringing out again in clearer and stronger ways." This urge to examine the past - and spin its lessons into something new - presented an opportunity to discuss the larger evolution of the local arts community. "We want to examine the path of these daring new projects so far, and build links between them as we move forward," says Strangers co-director and cofounder Jordan Eddy. "How can we create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the closing date of a single exhibition?"

Echo Chamber will feature three conversations in different formats. First, each participating panelist will pick a topic regarding Santa Fe's emerging art community. Strangers Collective will reveal the topics one-by-one on the Echo Chamber Facebook event, sparking a series of online discussions. On January 4, the panel will convene to discuss each topic in front of an audience. On January 11, they will invite the public to add their voices to the conversation in a round table discussion. Strangers Collective will announce wach panelist and their chosen topic on the CCA website and Facebook event in the coming weeks. 

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