Making Places

Making Places in the press:
CCA Munoz Waxman Main Gallery
JULY 12 - SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION: July 12, 5:30 - 8pm.

Making Places chronicles the life of two artists. Meshing biography with mature bodies of work – some of which span 45+ years – the exhibition is a portrait of the individuals it highlights, but moreover, it evidences the possibilities and challenges of merging art and life. Making Places speaks to the interconnectedness of space, place, time, commitment, and curiosity in cultivating an art-driven lifestyle.

Long before their introduction in 1987, Linda Fleming and Michael Moore were committed artists and builders. In 1968 Fleming co-founded Libre, a community of artists in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where each member in the community built a house by hand. Moore, after many years of exploring the northern deserts of the Great Basin, acquired a de-accessioned radar station near Winnemucca, Nevada, which he renovated as residence and studio. To their partnership they brought a commitment to art-making and a love of self-made architecture. For the past 25 years, the couple has created an art-centric life that has led to the creation of a network of urban and rural places. Their cyclical migration between Benicia, California; Wall Spring, Nevada; and Gardner, Colorado; is a catalyst for the development of their work. Working in different mediums, both draw inspiration and material from the desert and mountain environments surrounding their studios. This is the first exhibition to jointly feature Fleming and Moore.

Making Places will inhabit the entirety of CCA's 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse space. Collaboratively designed by Fleming and Moore, the exhibition is produced specifically for the Muñoz Waxman Galleries at CCA. A few highlights from the exhibition checklist include 80 ft. of Moore's "Auto Biographies" that chronicle decades through the life of his cars; nearly all of Fleming's maquettes, built as models for larger public works; a new video piece that Fleming is producing with her son that moves through all the spaces of Fleming and Moore’s three unique studio/homes; a continuous slide show of images from Moore’s 40 plus years of travels and projects; Fleming's early drawings from the 1960s as well as new sculptures; Fleming's "creek walk" video informed by walking the same trail near Gardner, CO for 45 years; Moore's 2012 Wall of Watercolors, a daily practice that represents the weather in Wall Spring, NV; and much more!

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