Tony Price and the Blackhole

Tony Price and the Black Hole in the press:

spector ripps project space
October 11, 2013 - January 5, 2014
Open: Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm

Tony Price was so horrified by the bomb's potential to thoroughly alter lives by its mere existence - and to end all life by its actual use - that he committed his life to making art with a meaning. Through his "atomic art" Price formed a friendship with Ed Grothus, a machinist and technician for the Los Alamos Laboratory and, later, the owner of the Black Hole, a surplus store of objects and materials from the Los Alamos Labs. Tony Price was one of the Black Hole's most devoted customers and his work, made from nuclear detritus, is celebrated and collected worldwide. Tony Price and the Black Hole presents historic ephemera from the Black Hole as well as never-before-seen work from Tony Price's estate.