Catherine Harris 1000Project Space Fellowship Award

Catherine Harris Trans-Species Repast 

Oct 9 – Dec 27, 2015 // spector ripps project space

One New Mexico-based artist was selected for a solo-show in the spector ripps project space. Albuquerque resident and artist Catherine Harris presents her project Trans-Species Repast, an interactive installation that explores a non-hierarchal relationship to landscape. In addition to her installation, Harris hosts Trans-Species Repast Family Dinners, a series of three interactive performances on the CCA campus that invite the public to join in on a meal with another species.

Catherine Harris teaches Art and Ecology and Landscape Architecture at the University of New Mexico in a split position with the College of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture and Planning. She received her BA from Harvard University, 1988, MLA from UC Berkeley, 1997, and MFA from Stanford University, 2005. Harris works in art/design, and digital/analog expressions. Her built work resides at Deep Springs College, White Mountains, CA, McCovey Field, SF, CA and The Violin Shop in Albuquerque, NM, among other sites. Recent projects include collaborations with Alexander Webb and Nina Dubois on modular explorations of space at Montessa Park for High Desert Test Sites and trans-species habitat furniture with Sam Martin, shown at the Santa Fe Art Institute among other spaces. Trans-species habitat, ecological flow, and morphogenesis, are current theoretical foci.