M12 1000Documentation of An Equine Anthology, Courtesy of M12


Apr 29 – Jun 19, 2016 Muñoz Waxman Gallery

The Breaking Ring is a site-specific installation and social sculpture about wild horses in the American West that the art collective M12 developed during their residency at Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) in 2015. They wrote, edited, and published An Equine Anthology, a 250-page pocket book and an accompanying 45 RPM vinyl record about the history, mythology and politics of wild horses. M12’s installation at CCA includes a 24-foot breaking ring (gentling ring, round pen, etc.) made from regional hand-peeled Aspen logs that will host an amalgamation of public programs throughout the course of the exhibition including contemporary dance performances, poetry readings, and knitting gatherings. As a backdrop to the ring, imagery from book An Equine Anthology is featured on the gallery walls.

"An Equine Anthology stitches together non-linear histories, testimonies, and interpretations of equine culture from the American Southwest and beyond. Far from representing binaries of the romantic and mundane, of personality and commodity, An Equine Anthology presents the reader with a broad topographical view of the horse, an image that reaches well beyond that of American mythology. M12’s anthology combines poetics with research methodologies that delve into the unseen, hidden, and overlooked to create a work that is greater than the sum of its parts."
–Sanjit Sethi, Director, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

The Breaking Ring serves as a centerpiece and vessel for public programs. The exhibition is ‘complete’ when the ring is activated. Diverse activities from contemporary dance to Mah Jong groups fill The Breaking Ring on a weekly basis, ‘completing’ the installation as a social sculpture. The culminating product will be photo documentation of the occupied ring that illustrates the variety of groups that filled the space. The ring provides an ideal form to explore connective links that are seemingly disparate through fostering productive social engagement activities.

The scale of The Breaking Ring is large enough to hold a horse, though it will only hold people, ideas, conversations, and performances for the run of the exhibition. Surrounded by the pages of An Equine Anthology, the ring faces all sides of wild horse politics. M12 remains neutral in all of their projects, aiming to explore the many facets of an issue rather than claim a bias.

About the Artists
M12 is an award-winning interdisciplinary group of artists, researchers, designers, architects, and writers, based in Colorado on the American High Plains. The group creates context-based art works, research projects, and education programs, and is primarily known for their groundbreaking projects that explore the aesthetics of rural cultures and landscapes. M12 blends the fields of art and design, producing projects that are dialogical and collaborative by approach. Learn more at Link to purchase An Equine Anthology