Air Force: aesthetic experiments in aviation

CCA spector ripps project space
June 14 – August 10, 2014

A television transmitter broadcasts from a tethered 5-foot weather balloon. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles shoot aerial video. Drones make drawings in the sky at an architectural scale. And in the gallery, wall drawings and works on paper are created via remote control airplane. Albuquerque-based artist Lee Montgomery presents Air Force: aesthetic experiments in aviation in conjunction with Currents New Media Festival.

For several years Lee experimented with broadcast technologies via his collaborative project, Neighborhood Public Radio. With Air Force, he finds ways to further this work with experimental broadcast, this time using controlled vehicles that are designed to roam the skies with radio technology and other less advanced methods.

Simultaneous to Air Force and in conjunction with The International Museum of Folk Art, Lee will be collaborate with a Japanese kite maker to launch a kite-driven camera, creating a live video from the viewpoint of the kite. Lee will also be developing new flight-based works in Detroit and New York state, as well as a few other U.S. cities, which will be premiered in an artist talk and video screening during the run of this show.

For the fifth year, Currents will bring together the work of established, unrecognized and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world, for events showcasing interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances and web based art forms. For more information on Currents