by Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson

Artists in Residence/Performance
June 11 to July 31, 2010

Center for Contemporary Arts is pleased to present "Archive" by Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson in the Muñoz Waxman Gallery.

This room-sized installation is part of a collaborative project begun in 2005. Originally conceived as a living environment that represented an externalization of the mind, "Archive" is a labyrinth visitors walk into made of 1600 file storage boxes, each labeled to indicate the eccentric materials contained within. Taken together, the labels constitute a text which may be interpreted in many ways: a list of things someone feels they must save, a portrait of a personality or a culture, a hierarchal structure of information, or just irrational hoarding. The result is an unexpectedly detailed view of an interior life: memory as personality driven information hoarding where perhaps no rational system determines what is worth saving, and what can be safely forgotten.

Versions of "Archive" have been shown in New York and Germany, as well as part of the traveling exhibition "Slightly Unbalanced". The Archive for Santa Fe should prove to be definitive, however. For CCA, Shelley and Paulson will finally realize the original conception of Archive. For ten days, beginning June 10, the artists will live and work inside a structure they have made out of the boxes as a performance, adding to the collection of titles and drawings associated with this work.  Visitors are invited to browse or offer comments and suggestions; contributions of food are welcome too (Doug is a vegetarian, Ward likes beer).

Concurrently, there is a presentation of Ward Shelley's paintings in Santa Fe at Launch Projects

Artists' bicycles provided by Chainbreaker Collective.