Center for Contemporary Arts and Theater Grottesco team up to produce Eventua: a series of cutting-edge performances. Launching in March 2013, Eventua is an 8-week program featuring local and national artists at the vanguard of event-based contemporary art. As an annual collaboration, Eventua promises to become one of the most diverse and interesting performance programs in the Southwest. Invited groups include: Lisa Fay/Jeff Glassman Duo, Sandglass Puppet Theater, Faustwork Mask Theater, Laura Goldhamer, Cole Bee Wilson, CHERYL, and others.

  • What: 8-weeks of cutting-edge performance
  • When: March 15 – May 5, 2013. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7pm and Sundays at 4pm; unless otherwise noted.
  • Where: CCA Munoz Waxman Main Gallery, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe
  • Who: Theater Grottesco, Lisa Fay/Jeff Glassman Duo, Sandglass Theater, Faustwork Mask Theater, Laura Goldhamer,Cole Bee Wilson, CHERYL, and others.
  • How Much: Tickets are $25 adults, $20 for CCA members, $10 students; unless otherwise noted. Thursdays - pay what you want. Season pass (6 performances) is $115. For tickets, call 505.474.8400 or visit

Known as a venue for visual art and cinema since its founding in 1979, CCA also has a rich history in the performing arts. The likes of Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and John Cage have graced the spaces of CCA. As the next chapter in this vivid history, CCA teams up with Theater Grottesco to showcase cutting-edge performance in a festival-like atmosphere, March 15 – May 5, 2013.

CCA's Munoz Waxman Main Gallery will be turned into a 150-seat temporary black-box theater for three months this Spring. Artists from around the country and Canada are invited to Santa Fe for as many as four performances, master classes, and public lectures.

CCA and Theater Grottesco intend for Eventa to create an off-season festival for art-lovers to experience genre-bending performance by artists from around the globe, creating cross-pollination between local artists and audiences and those from afar. 2013 is the pilot of what promises to be an annual collaboration with aims to become one of Santa Fe's destination events.

Eventua schedule of performances:

Ticketing Info:

Adults: $25
CCA Members: $15
Student: $10
Thursdays: pay what you wish!

Theater Grottesco:
Exquisite Absurdity
March 14 15Gala 6pm
Show 7pm
167pm 174pm
  217pm 227pm 237pm 244pm
  287pm 297pm 307pm 314pm
  April 47pm 57pm 67pm 74pm
Lisa Fay &
Jeff Glassman Duo:
Depth of a Moment: in Four Parts
117pm 127pm 137pm 144pm
Sandglass Theater D-Generation:
An Exaltation of Larks
187pm 197pm 207pm 214pm
Faustwork Mask Theater
The Mask Messenger
257pm 267pm 277pm 284pm
Laura Goldhamer, Cole Bee Wilson, and CHERYL
tickets: $15 Adults, $10 CCA Members & Students
May 2 38pm
Laura Goldhamer &
Cole Bee Wilson

Theater Grottesco presents:

Theater Grottesco: Exquisite Absurdity
For 30 years, Theater Grottesco has embraced classical theatrical forms while striving to bend and blend these techniques, rhythms, architectures and spirits into something new that can speak to our present time and culture. To create Exquisite Absurdity, pivotal moments within their body of work are assembled, in which successful experiments broke ground and moved the company into new artistic realms; moments that stand up as theatrical events in themselves. Carefully stitched together, this montage provides insight into the evolution of Grottesco's work while offering hints of what's to come.

Lisa Fay/Jeff Glassman Duo, from Illinois, will perform: Depth of a Moment: In Four Parts. Fay and Glassman apply complex composed structures to ordinary daily human behavior, creating physical performance pieces ranging from humorous and disarming to mesmerizing and disorienting that arise as metaphor for social processes.

Sandglass Theater, an internationally acclaimed ensemble from Vermont, combines puppets with music, actors and visual imagery. Sandglass will premiere D-Generation: an Exaltation of Larks - a play about dementia, play, joy, and communication.

Faustwork Mask Theater, a renowned company from Toronto, will perform The Mask Messenger: standup-physical theatre and comedy in the guise of a lecture/demonstration brimming with wit, wisdom, and insight.

CCA presents:

Laura Goldhamer draws from a variety of purely American traditions; however, Laura’s ability to merge traditional Americana with the avant-garde, mixing inventive homemade technologies with earnest folk, and intricately composed stop-animation films. These visuals, created to illustrate song lyrics, are synced with live music delivery, and with the self-constructed speaker/drum/doorbell machine, affectionately named "The Roboctopus", an eight-channel robotic percussive ensemble made of speakers, drums, and

May 3, 8pm

photo by Brandon Soder

H. THUNDERBOLT is a sonic project by Cole Bee Wilson that investigates and re-contextualizes the life and times of Hannibal Barca 247-183 B.C.E. through various musical techniques and stylings. Combining shoegazing sentiments, lost and found sound, live cellular tapestry, automated egg beater droning, and book-stacked organ roaring, H. THUNDERBOLT tells a story of passion, vengeance, pride, blood lust, despair, remorse, fraternity, achievement, and crushing failure. Cole Bee Wilson, Isaac Winburn and Walter Long, along with special guests, present this collection of aural fables celebrating the highest challenge: to live.

Cole Wilson has been composing and organizing musical projects for ten years. Wilson’s work includes composing for and managing the 25-piece folk orchestra called the Apple Miner Colony, and also writes for the country outfit Cryin’ Cole Wilson & Those Miserable Cowboys. Wilson’s works are varied and explore a broad scope of subjects and perspectives including but not limited to love, failure, joy and death. He lives and works in Austin, TX.

May 3, 8pm

For Eventua’s finale, CHERYL invites audiences to “revel in the joyous power of dance-induced psychosis/euphoria” in an experimental, interactive performance that responds to CCA’s exhibition, The Big Hoot, featuring comic paintings by David Leigh and Larry Bob Phillips.

CHERYL is a four-member, semi-anonymous, often cat-masked artist collective based in Brooklyn, New York, known for its video art, museum installations, performances and dance parties. CHERYL explores the themes of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection, the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions, and the staining power of fake blood. CHERYL has been bringing its particular brand of FRESHMAGICK to New York City since colonial times, and has since acquired a dedicated cult following and media attention for over-the-top happenings involving outrageous costumes, exuberant dance moves, and participatory dance floor suicide. CHERYL's video and performance work has been featured through various installations and events with the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA PS1, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, The Jewish Museum, the Bruce High Quality Foundation, and Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

May 4, 8pm