Opening Reception: Jill O'Bryan Mapping Resonance


Friday, January 13 // Muñoz Waxman Gallery // 6 - 8p // Free

Mapping Resonance is a survey and installation by internationally renowned, New Mexico and New York-based artist Jill O'Bryan. Several bodies of O'Bryan's work come together in one space for the first time, creating a record of residue, time, and breath. The exhibition  is a celebration of a profound career that spans decades and an on-going contemplative practice. O'Bryan installs a new series of sculptural plaster vessels, residue paintings, breath drawings, and a series of large scale rubbings (frottages) of the New Mexico Mesa, where she resides for half of the year. The story of place, connection, meditation, and history are told throughout this comprehensive exhibition. "This exhibition is about the residue of both nature and civilization and finding one's way through centuries, if not millennia, of dust and rock," O'Bryan states, "The work exists as a record of an action, a testament to what is 'produced' or left behind." Intermingling so many projects dealing with a singular topic brings a conversation about imagined and actual history to Mapping Resonance.