Performance: Earth Terma

Friday, October 6 / 6-8pm / Saturday, October 7 / 7-8pm // Sunday, October 8 / 2-4pm// CCA Tank Garage // $15-$25 Sliding Scale Tickets 

Earth Terma, choreographed and directed by Micaela Gardner, is a modern dance piece set amid the artworks of Tom Joyce in the CCA Tank Garage. This performance work is a “durational” trio, danced by Spencer Toll, Micayla Duran and Micaela Gardner. Performed in a repeating cycle, the work can be visited any time by audience within its two-hour installation. The cycle beginnings are on the hour and half hour. Evening Performances on October 6 and 7, 6-8 pm and Sunday Matinee on October 8, 2-4pm. A reception with the artists will follow the performance on Sunday.

Artist statement from Micaela Gardner, Choreographer and Director, on Earth Terma:

Terma are hidden teachings as per the tradition of early Buddhism. Terma could be documents or artifacts purposefully concealed for future discovery and revelation. Earth Terma is so titled to indicate the inherent, if denied or concealed, earth knowledge and connection elaborated and revealed with the dancers' bodies in this evocative modern work. When offered the Tom Joyce: Everything at Hand exhibition as performance venue, Gardner utilized her impressions of the prevailing materials and qualities in Joyce's sculptural work, forged steel and cast iron rendered in profoundly heavy, solid shapes and groupings. Landing on the peculiarly earth-centric sourcing and process in Joyce's work, Gardner set about creating a dance work that would express the mystery and physicality of the natural world.

Based from the the classical idea of the elements - earth, air, water and fire - the choreography describes a physical view or conversation with each. “Corporealizing” the elements with distinct movement qualities that comprise a suite of four dances, the material repeats four times in a ritual manner harkening the turnings of season.

Recognizing the earth as a living organism the suite gives physical voice to its moods and tendencies, as with invocation. Execution and performance of theses elemental tones are experienced as homage and dedication to the living earth as well as a surrender to it.

Costumed in men’s suits, the quotidian uniform of capitalist culture, the dances draw further penetration into modern dissociation with the environment, replacing human cultural power with the tidal poems of the real world.

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This program is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts.